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Ultra20 Shutters

Unique composite polymer blend

Ultra20 Shutters take advantage of their unique Composite Polymer to blend strength, stability and precision into a beautiful long lasting investment for your home. The proprietary synthetic material has the character and elegance of real timber with better moisture resistance and energy efficiency.

For any living situation

Ultra20 is completely flexible to suit any situation including living areas, bedrooms, wet areas, or shaped openings.

Plantation shutters

  • Unique Composite polymer engineered to the latest technologies.
  • 20 year comprehensive warranty on construction*.
  • Uses Valspar brand paint (UV tested b y QAI laboratories).
  • Energy Efficient- insulates better thanTimber. (ASTM Thermo Performance Tested).
  • Will not absorb moisture – Suitable for wet areas.
  • Hypoallergenic, Low Maintenance and easy to clean.
  • Fire Retardant(NPFA 701 Certified)
  • Wide panel widths over 900mm.
  • Controls light, views and privacy.
  • Customisable- Large colour range an d frame options – Can do shapes!

Privacy and light control made easy

  • Premium quality composite polymer
  • Energy efficient
  • Moisture resistance
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Fire safe
  • Low maintenance

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