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Curtain Tracks & Headings

Showcase your curtains with sleek tracks and stylish headings.

Concealed by a beautiful heading of your choice, our minimalist curtain tracks are a discreet alternative to rods or poles. Open and close drapery with a smooth, silent and effortless glide.

At Heritage Blinds & Shutters, we supply and install the highest quality tracks and headings for curtains in Newcastle, Lake Macquarie and the Hunter Valley. Our single and dual-hanging tracks are available with wall, architrave and ceiling mounting options for sheer curtains and blockout curtains.

Explore our collection of curtain tracks and headings

Discover our curtain heading types

S-fold curtain headings

An S-fold or wave-fold curtain heading meanders back and forth to create an opulent ripple effect throughout the fabric. Gliding along a slimline track that maximises natural light within your space, it is the ultimate solution for large windows, bi-fold and sliding doors.

Pinch pleat curtain headings

Attached to a track with understated hooks or rings, this popular style uses extra fabric to create luxurious bunching along the top of your curtain. Flat sections separate each pleat neatly. Select from single, double and triple pinch pleats based on how simple or formal you wish your curtains to look.

Pencil pleat curtain headings

Tidy, tailored and timeless, pencil pleat curtain headings gather tight folds of fabric to form a semi-cylindrical pattern. From here, drapes fall to the floor. Creating a polished finish at an affordable price, pencil pleat curtains suit both traditional and contemporary spaces.

Box pleat curtain headings

Perfect for small windows and stiff fabrics, box pleat curtain headings are sophisticated yet simple. Box pleats typically consist of two wide knife pleats facing in opposite directions. This clean pleat is sewn flat to minimise fussy frills, in turn offering a clean and contemporary look with less fullness.

Inverted box pleat curtain headings

An inverted box pleat curtain heading uses the same approach as a box pleat but in reverse. The extra fabric within each pleat is concealed behind the curtain, creating a beautiful cascade of draping in front. Enjoy a pared-back aesthetic with a touch of elegance.

Elevate your space with ceiling-mounted curtain tracks.

Less is more with our ceiling tracks for curtains. Sleek and sophisticated, this contemporary style enables you to reduce glare and control privacy with unrivalled subtlety.

Whether angled just right for bay windows or joined together for wide bi-fold doors, our ceiling mounted curtain tracks can be easily adjusted to fit seamlessly within your home. Install wall to wall for a minimalist look with maximum effect.

Slimline curtain tracks powered by Somfy.

As well as wand control and cord-drawn options, we offer Somfy Glydea electric curtain track systems for exceptional ease of use.

Featuring a super-tight radius bend, the discreet design can be installed in spaces where other motorised curtain tracks cannot. Complete with quiet and powerful motorisation, simply control the fluid movement with your smartphone.

Why choose Heritage Blinds & Shutters?

Custom curtain tracks and headings

We offer a range of standard and decorative curtain tracks to suit any design and functionality requirements. Choose from manual or automated control, as well as white, silver anodised or black tracks to blend in with the ceiling, wall or architrave.

No climbing costs

We prepare tailored quotes to fulfil your unique requirements as cost effectively as possible without compromising on quality. Covering all expected fees upfront, our transparent pricing gives you peace of mind in your investment.

Complimentary measuring

Our curtain specialists offer free measuring and fitting at your property to ensure a flawless look and feel the first time around. Rest easy knowing that your track and heading will be the perfect accompaniment to your curtains.

Proven track record

For the past 30 years, we’ve built a strong reputation throughout the local community for our steadfast commitment to excellent customer service. If you have a question or concern, know that our friendly team is always here to help.

Here to help you find the perfect curtain track and heading. Chat to our experienced team.

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