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Timber Plantation Shutters

A timeless window treatment with exceptional durability.

Bring the beautiful Hamptons aesthetic to your home with lightweight, long-lasting timber plantation shutters. Available in an array of vibrant and neutral tones, these window treatments provide light, airflow and privacy control with the tilt of a louvre.

With Heritage Blinds & Shutters, you can enjoy the classic charm and exceptional workmanship of premium basswood plantation shutters, made to measure for your space. We supply and install timber plantation shutters in Newcastle, Lake Macquarie and the Hunter Valley. Request a free quote and measure today.

Discover the benefits of wooden plantation shutters

Enduring elegance

Designed to fit any window shape, our elegant wooden plantation shutters can be painted in a variety of colours or with a clear coat for a natural look. Featuring fine timber joinery and finished edges, your shutters will never go out of style.

Safe and sustainable

Our timber shutters are free from toxic chemicals and energy efficient to produce. A renewable resource, the basswood we use to make our premium plantation shutters is always sustainably sourced and safe for use around children and pets.

Built to last in local climates

Timber plantation shutters are favoured for their sturdiness and longevity, standing strong without any enhancements or the risk of sagging when properly maintained. Plus, our timber is coated to withstand the harsh Australian sun.

Light and privacy control

Take charge of the amount and direction of natural light streaming into your room by tilting the louvres. With movable and fixed louvre options, you can enjoy a bright, breezy space without compromising on the privacy you require.

Extra insulation

Reduce heat transfer by up to 50% without increasing your energy bill. Wood is a natural insulator thanks to its thermally dynamic capabilities. That means much of the outside air, whether cold in winter or hot in summer, is reflected before it enters your space.

Versatile configurations

Our wooden plantation shutters are designed to suit your space’s requirements and personal preferences. Hinged shutters work well for small windows, whereas bi-folding shutters are great for larger windows and doors. Sliding plantation shutters are the perfect solution for sliding doors.

Minimal maintenance

Create a classic and sophisticated look with low maintenance. Perfect for busy family homes, offices and investment properties, timber plantation shutters are considered the easiest of window treatments to clean and care for.

Why choose Heritage Blinds & Shutters?


Premium quality, guaranteed

Our luxurious plantation shutters are manufactured using the highest quality basswood and finishes for maximum longevity. Complete with a 10-year warranty, you can enjoy peace of mind in their exceptional quality.

A flush fit from the outset

Whether you’re looking for interior or exterior timber plantation shutters, we will make sure they fit perfectly to your windows or doors. Our shutter specialists provide a complimentary measuring and fitting service with every order.

Your perfect plantation shutters

Discover classic window coverings, customised to fulfil your exact requirements. Every set of plantation shutters we supply is made to order, delivering all their benefits in the ideal size, colour and configuration for your unique space.

Tailored quotes

Secure affordable shutters free from hidden fees. At Heritage Blinds & Shutters, we’ll take the time to understand exactly what you’re looking for before providing you with a tailored quote that encompasses all required work, even electrical.

Here whenever you need us

Our family-run business has been trusted by locals across Newcastle, Lake Macquarie and the Hunter Valley for over 30 years. Dedicated to delivering outstanding customer care, we are always happy to answer any questions.

We're here to help you find the perfect timber plantations. Chat to our experienced team.

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