Top 5 Reasons To Install Blackout Blinds

Blackout blinds come in a variety of styles and can help make your home not only more comfortable but more efficient. Blackout blinds do more than just block light. Check out the top 5 reasons to take advantage of their benefits below.

Blocking out the light

Blackout blinds installed in your bedroom can ensure a good night’s sleep free from the distraction of light pollution and the chance to sleep in by delaying morning light coming into your room.

They are particularly advantageous for shift workers needing to sleep during daylight hours and can also be helpful to parents of infants and toddlers needing a darker environment for nap time. In living areas, they can alleviate the chance of UV fading of furnishings, carpet and artworks.

Blackout blinds installed in an entertainment area can provide the feeling that you’re sitting in a cinema as you sit down to watch a movie. Don’t forget the popcorn! It doesn’t have to be all play, if you have a home office or workspace a blackout blind can help you create the most comfortable and productive lighting level helping you work even better.

Blocking out sound

The heavier materials used in blackout blinds can provide an extra layer of noise insulation for your windows, helping you maintain a calm, noise free environment in your home. Traffic noise, lawn mowing, even aircraft noise can all be reduced through the installation of blackout blinds ensuring the best possible sleeping environment for you and your family and a calm peaceful atmosphere during the day. This is a tremendous advantage for naturally light sleepers or easily distracted younger family members.

Regulating Temperature

By limiting the entrance of sunlight, your homes ambient temperature can be reduced. In the summer months this can be of great assistance keeping your power bills low as costly air conditioning won’t have to work as hard to reach a comfortable temperature.

In the same way that blackout blinds can insulate against noise they can also provide an extra layer of protection in the cooler months by preventing the escape of heated air which again will help your heating system run at maximum operational efficiency and at a lower cost. With power prices on the rise an investment in blackout blinds can help save money on your cooling and heating costs in the long term.


Blackout blinds offer the ultimate in privacy, keeping you safe from prying eyes. They can even provide greater security, blocking from view anything that might be of interest to thieves. They can’t see you, and you won’t have to worry about seeing them, the blackout blind gives you a safer, more comfortable space to live. Blackout blinds are especially useful in bedrooms and bathrooms for this reason.


It depends on the style of blackout blind but generally speaking blackout blinds are made of heavier, more durable materials. They are specifically designed to stand the rigors of prolonged exposure to sunlight so won’t need replacing as often as regular blinds. Their tougher construction also means they are better at absorbing the wear and tear of years of raising and lowering. Combine these advantages with their energy efficient properties and blackout blinds make sound financial sense as an investment in your home’s décor.

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