Thinking of Renewing Your Awnings or Outdoor Blinds?

What to look for and how to make them last

If you’re like me and have been thinking of freshening up your property – a new coat of paint, replanting garden beds or changing your window coverings – now is the perfect time. Your home’s awnings and outdoor blinds work very hard throughout the year to keep your home cooler and protected from the harsh summer sun. So, whether you have old outdated looking awnings or outdoor blinds that might need a little help, you’ll want to find the best company to meet your needs.

When to renew your awnings or outdoor blinds

Keeping in mind that while you may have been properly maintaining your awnings or outdoor blinds over the years, things do wear out and they may become tired looking or damaged. If cleaning them simply won’t do anymore, it may be time to reskin your awnings.

Aside from physical damage, your awnings may also become stained from mould or mildew, thanks to the weather. You’ll want to restore the fabric to bring back a positive and healthy environment and prevent the spores from spreading. Sunshine, especially here in Australia, fades colours fast. Replacing faded awnings will let you bring back the bright striking patterns to accentuate your property.

You may have just bought the property and noticed that the awning doesn’t match, or maybe they just don’t match the aesthetic you’re wanting to create in your oasis. Thankfully, changing the fabric for your awnings is a simple and affordable solution. Here at Heritage Blinds & Shutters we offer a range of external fabrics for you to choose brought to you by Ricky Richards.

Arrange an inspection of your current awnings and outdoor blinds

If you’re not quite sure if your outdoor window treatments need to be replaced or repaired, it’s best to call your local blinds and shutters company to come make sure everything is in order.

Having a company such as Heritage Blinds & Shutters come out and give you an obligation free in-house measure and quote is in your best interest; professionals can inspect your awnings and outdoor blinds to assess any damage and help you come up with a game plan on how to freshen them up, repair, or replace them.

The warranty of the fabric is 5 years, but a professional can help you safely remove and reinstall your new awning material. Our technicians can check to see if they’re in good working order or organise with you a time to professionally remove or repair them.

Maintaining your shutters and outdoor blinds

When you invest in new awnings or outdoor blinds, you want to make sure they’re going to last. Luckily, there are many simple things you can do to maintain your awnings and keep them looking their best for as long as possible.

Closing your awnings and outdoor blinds

As tempting as it can be to simply set and forget, avoid leaving your awnings open when not in use. Keeping them closed when unneeded prevents unnecessary damage, extending their life. Closing and securing outdoor blinds when not in use also guards against damaged that could be caused by extreme winds or other weather events.

Cleaning your awnings and outdoor blinds

A common mistake people make that can impact the life of their blinds is to store them when dirty or in otherwise poor condition. Dirt and debris, whilst unsightly, can also cause significant damage and staining if left to sit on the fabric for extended periods of time. Other actions you can take include:

  • regularly cleaning your awnings with mild cleaning agents to remove any mould or mildew that might have built up.
  • immediately attending to any tears or damage that might occur due to an accident or other factors.
  • ensuring that your awnings are in a clean condition when stored.

With proper care and maintenance, your awnings and outdoor blinds should remain in good condition and always be ready for use!

Contact Heritage Blinds & Shutters for all your enquiries

There’s lots to consider when planning a refresh of your home. If you’re considering an update for your awnings, you should now have a better idea about how you can go about it and keep your new installations looking fresh and the envy of all the neighbours.

There certainly are lots of options to consider and its normal to have plenty of questions about which options might be best for you. Thankfully, the friendly team at Heritage Blinds & Shutters offer a free in-house measure and quote and will be able to answer any questions you might have, ranging from installation and maintenance to colour choice.

There’s nothing quite like talking to an expert to alleviate any concerns you might have. To get the best solution for you and your family, contact Heritage Blinds & Shutters for quality friendly service from local people.

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