Should I Install Motorised Window Coverings?

Deciding whether motorised window coverings are the right choice for your home or business

Motorised window coverings offer convenience, security, energy efficiency, and safety whilst complementing the look of your home, both indoors and out. They’re a great way to add value to your home and can be designed to suit your lifestyle.

Adding modern day convenience to your home

From simple handheld or wall mounted remotes to apps using the latest smart technology, the shade, or light levels you desire are can be found by simply pressing a button. Heritage Blinds and Shutters specialise in the Somfy and Alpha range which can be integrated into the latest Smart Home systems. No more fiddling with cords and going from room to room! You can even program when your shutters open or close to take advantage of natural light or to help control temperature. With energy costs rising, motorised blinds can play a big role in maximising home energy efficiency. For those with problems like arthritis or limited mobility, motorised blinds can help you live more comfortably by no longer having to deal with chains or cords in difficult to reach places.

Safety and security for you and your family

Older style blinds, with their mix of cables and leads can be dangerous to children and animals. A motorised system can eliminate this risk with no visible manual parts to arouse the curiosity of the little ones. Furthermore, motorised blinds can be programmed to give the impression that you’re home and the household is active, deterring thieves. If your home has bathrooms or bedrooms visible to neighbours, privacy and convenience can be yours with a single command. Fill your room with natural sunlight and warmth while you shower, one click from the ensuite and you’re safe from prying eyes. Heritage Blinds and Shutters also specialise in motorised outdoor window coverings. Stylish pivot arm awnings to give your home that cosmopolitan feel, functional Zipscreen and Alpha Side retention awnings to protect you from sunlight and insects or the reassuring security of external roller shutters, the team will find the right option for you.

Reliability that you can trust

One of the great advantages of motorised window coverings is their reliability. There is always the chance of human error with manually controlled blinds which can lead to costly repairs or in some cases, replacement of damaged coverings. Motorised blinds consistently operate in exactly the same way, with fewer moving parts. This leads to greater longevity for your window coverings as they are less likely to fray or show signs of wear and tear.

Protecting your home’s interior

Many modern houses are designed to give an abundance of natural light. Whilst this can be an advantage, especially in winter using the sun’s natural warmth for instance, too much sunlight can damage your interior features. Motorised blinds can help regulate powerful UV rays entering the home and fading furniture, rugs, carpets, even precious artworks and framed photographs. Motorised windows protect your décor as much as being a part of it. You can even program your blinds to offer your treasured belongings optimal protection.

Your lifestyle, your way

Heritage Blinds and Shutters have a wide array of indoor coverings and styles so you can tailor your window coverings to your space. Maybe you want the full block out treatment for the full home theatre effect? Something a bit brighter for your main living area? Whatever your direction, the array of styles, colours and fabrics available to you will make it easy to find just the right look for your space. Let your imagination run wild. A motorised pivot arm awning to give you an outdoor space reminiscent of a Parisian café or a large entertaining area that can go from breezy and completely open to shade or shelter from the elements at the touch of a button. The possibilities are endless.

The wow factor with motorised window coverings

It’s not much of a stretch to imagine family and friends being envious of your motorised window coverings. Expect a reaction somewhere between jaw dropping and turning greener than an indoor plant. Something that won’t ever wear off is the feeling of control you’ll have. Either by remote or by app, you’ll find it hard not to smile.

Making your smart home even smarter

Every day the list of things you can use with the “internet of things” to make our lives easier grows and grows. The “internet of things” refers to any device that can communicate with a network to make them work best for you. Look down at your wrist now, is that a smart watch or fitness tracker? Welcome. You’re already a part of the Internet of Things. Your TV, your washing machine, your fridge, lighting might all be on your list too. Driverless cars aren’t the impossibility when we once thought they were. Considering the first thing ever connected in this way was a soft drink vending machine at a university in Pittsburgh USA that relayed stock levels and drink temperatures in 1982, the world certainly has come a long way.

Motorised window coverings can utilise the internet of things through their use of indoor temperature sensors. These can be positioned where you choose, and your blinds can be programmed to raise or lower according to the temperature detected. Your already smart home just got smarter.

Your local experts in motorisation solutions.

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