How to Select the Best Awnings for Outdoor Spaces

As we move toward the warmer months of the year, it might be time to consider making the most of your outdoor space by enhancing its liveability. A place for relaxation and entertainment that brings an extra dimension to your leisure time and your home’s value. There are many different options available at many different price points to help make your outdoor living dreams a reality.

Consider your surroundings

It’s a good idea to take the time to ponder what you want from your outdoor space. Perhaps you are looking to shade an area that spends a long part of the day in direct sunlight. Maybe your planned space is exposed to other elements like wind and rain, and you want the option of a useable outdoor space in these conditions. Once you have established what you want from your area, there are still choices to be made such as what material to use, what kind of structure best suits your purpose, and even colour selection to work with your surrounds. Will you need the flexibility of a retractable or folding arm awning? Are you looking for a more permanent but less flexible structure? Do you want to have the option of enclosing an existing patio to keep sunlight and pests out? All these options are available to you.

Straight Drop Awnings

These are a great option for existing decks or patios. Using strong fabric that can be customised to the level of shade and ventilation you desire, they are raised and lowered easily via the use of a crank handle. Their shading properties can help keep sunlight exposed areas of your home more thermally stable and can even be used to keep any outdoor heating in if you wish to use the area for entertaining in the cooler months.

Zipscreen & Alpha Side Retention Awnings

The next level up in enclosing your outdoor entertainment area or patio these are similar to straight drop awnings but allow for full enclosure using zips. The side retention system allows an area to be fully sealed from cold draughts in the wintertime, which can help make heating the area not only viable, but also efficient. A fully enclosed area is also of great benefit keeping pesky insect guests from gate crashing your event too, whether it is keeping flies off your food, moths away from lights or mosquitoes from making your barbecue as their personal buffet! The convenience of a motorised system can be offered with these awnings, and they can be paired to a wind sensor that can automatically retract the awning and help you avoid costly repairs. Traditional hand crank or spring operation is also available for those working to a tighter budget.

Pivot Arm Awnings

If you’re looking to create a smaller outdoor living space harnessing your existing structure where you’re only needing shade or shelter from rain, a Pivot arm awning is the ideal solution. Ideally positioned over a sliding door opening out to a paved area or concrete patio, you can achieve a Parisian alfresco space ideal for sipping on your morning coffee. The advantage of a pivot arm awning is in its flexibility. Depending on the size of the area you want covered, you’ll be able to choose just how much shelter you need and when you will need it. Pivot arm awnings can be fitted with manual or automatic systems, and as with their Zipscreen counterparts, can also be fitted with wind sensors that automatically retract the awning.

External Plantation Shutters

Simultaneously traditional and modern but with a style that is never less than timeless, external plantation shutters are the perfect mix of functionality, durability, and individuality. The sturdiest of all the options, you’ll never have to fear the impacts of weather, thanks to their sturdy aluminium construction, powder coated finish and stainless-steel appointments. External plantation shutters afford you the ultimate control of light level, breeze temperature control, protection from the elements and privacy, with the added benefit of needing less maintenance than fabric-based options. Choosing the right style for your space is made easy with options available to fully fix or the flexibility of sliding panel, hinged or bi-fold options, to really help you open your space as you see fit.

Expert advice from specialists

It’s one thing to have the vision for your ideal outdoor setting, it’s another to execute it. Getting expert advice on exactly which sun control system will work for you will make the process easier and bring your dream one step closer to reality. Heritage Blinds and Shutters have been in the game for more than a quarter of a century and can guide you every step of the way from planning, choice of materials and colours, installation, and maintenance. Highly reputed for the standard of our work and the quality of our materials, we are the perfect choice to see your project through to the end. A visit to our showroom in Speers Point will help you get a feel for what’s best for you, and we are also happy to visit for an obligation free in-house measure and quote. Creating from scratch or putting the finishing touches to your space, you can count on the service and experience from Heritage Blinds and Shutters to get the job done properly.

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