How to Pick the Perfect Colour for Your Custom Blinds and Shutters

10 tips to help you decide the best colour for your blinds and shutters

The idea of picking the perfect colour for your custom blinds and shutters is subjective. There is no such thing as a right or a wrong choice. Someone with a peculiar personality might choose solid bold colours with warm hues to catch attention, but an ultra-conservative person might steer clear of this option.

When it comes to aesthetic sensibility, the general rule of thumb is to take a holistic approach and go with what is pleasing to the eye. But what is pleasant to you may be disgusting to others. So how do you strike a balance? It is indeed a tricky move but remember, the colour of your custom blinds and shutters may make or break the interior design of the entire room. The colour combination exudes a certain vibe invisible to the naked eye.

Unless you can pull off bizarre blinds colours like fiery red or charcoal black, neutral colours like nude, ecru, or pastel are safe bets. When aesthetics add substance to style, form, and functionality, you can safely say that you made a perfect choice. Here we collate colour ideas to help you pick the right choice for your custom blinds and shutters.

Pick the Perfect Colour for your Custom Blinds and Shutters

Here are ten tips to help you in choosing the right colour:

Match custom blinds and shutters with mouldings and trim.

Most mouldings and trim are neutral in colour – beige, ecru, taupe, or white. If you don’t want to overemphasise your window, you may pick the same neutral shade for your custom blinds and shutters. It will create an illusion of an extended window, making it look wide on the edges. Mouldings and trims don’t get repainted often, so it’s a safe bet.

Match custom blinds and shutters with the wall

Like a perfect blend of coffee and cream, choosing one shade lighter or darker than your wall creates a sense of continuity. It is a safe bet if you don’t want your custom blinds and shutters to clash with the colour theme. You can never go wrong with a seamless monochromatic effect. However, do consider repainting and renovation works. How often are you going to repaint the walls? Will the colour of your blinds and shutters complement the new look?

Match custom blinds and shutters to flooring, décor, or furniture

Choosing a similar, if not the same, colour shade accentuates the warmth and cosiness of your furniture. Likewise, wooden flooring exudes warmth and comfort – a far cry from the stillness of the wall. As if tying loose ends together, matching the décors creates cohesiveness.

Pick your favourite colour

Colours do set the mood. If choosing your favourite colour makes you feel vibrant and energetic, then throw all caution to the wind. After all, self-expression does not go by the rules.

Choose practicality

Do you want to make your room look bigger and brighter? Choosing a lighter shade for your custom blinds and shutters is the perfect solution. A lighter shade allows more light in and creates an illusion of a larger room. Also, dust is not so visible under the colour of lighter blinds. On the contrary, you may go for a darker shade if you prefer to keep the lights out. A dark colour adds depth and creates a cosy look.

Match the overall ambience of the interior

If the overall ambience is a homey feel, custom blinds with wood stain or wood shutters will do the trick. If understated elegance is the norm, a neutral tone is a great combination to seal the look.

Choose a contrasting colour

If you are quite flamboyant, choosing a contrasting colour to the interior will break up monotony. Even though your wall pales in comparison, the contrasting colour creates a striking effect on your window. In addition, it is an attractive piece in the room. Although a bit tricky, trust your gut feel and artistic taste to make it work.

Consider the exterior of your house

How would your house look from the outside with multi-colour blinds and shutters? Unless you want to create a rainbow theme, prudence dictates that there must be a sense of uniformity among your custom blinds and shutters. It creates a perfectly flawless look from the outside.

Seek advice from an interior design expert

If you are in limbo, it would be best to consult with an interior design expert. Ask a trusted interior designer who can advise you on the right colour for your custom blinds and shutters based on what suits your personality and even budget. A little help goes a long way.

Trust your instinct

Your visitors would not remember every bit and piece of artwork, furniture, blinds, or shutters in the house. All they would remember is the majestic blend of all elements. So, trust your sense of judgment and follow your instinct. It may be telling you something that others don’t.

What are the popular colour blinds?

Most homeowners choose wooden blinds such as timber Venetian to create a homey feel. It also provides a happy contrast to a plain-looking interior. Woven woods and honeycomb are among the favourite pieces. Pastel shades like light grey, champagne, oyster, or wheat create subtle contrast and spell elegance. The timeless neutral shades of beige, ecru and nude will be in demand for decades.

How do you know what colour blinds and shutters to get?

To help you pick the perfect colour for your custom blinds and shutters, you may use colour principles as your guide. You may also use a colour wheel to see what colours blend well. Some custom blinds suppliers provide free samples of colour shades. It is much better than just looking online because the virtual image might look different.

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