Custom Made Blinds and Curtains for your Home

What are the benefits and how do I know what’s right for my home?

Windows come in a variety of shapes and sizes and can be placed in a variety of locations and aspects within a property. Here at Heritage Blinds and Shutters, we understand that it’s important to have the right coverings for your windows and work directly with you to get it right. We’ve created this list to help you understand the benefits of having custom blinds and curtains made and know how to choose what’s right for you.

Custom window treatment benefits


Rather than buying from a warehouse or home décor store, purchasing your blinds through us allows you the chance to personalise your window treatments. We have access to a variety of fabrics, finishes, textures, and even product types and can help you choose from the wide assortment of options available. Our experienced team can come to your property, assess and measure the windows while discussing what you’re looking for whether it be curtains, blinds, shutters, or even awnings for your outdoor spaces. No matter the size or shape of the windows or spaces, your personality should shine through and what better way to express yourself than through your window coverings!

Design and colour choices galore

Sure, you could go to Spotlight, Bunnings, or any number of household goods stores and pick premade standard sized curtains or blinds, but with the variety of designs and colours out there why would you? Our team can help you achieve what ever design combination you’re after, whether it be a multiple layer design or a simple yet classic variety of plantation shutters in your chosen finish. With a variety of patterns, colours, finishes, and styles available, going the custom route means you’ll get exactly what you’re after without having to sacrifice your personal style. Don’t forget, most companies can bring samples to help you picture how your chosen styles will look in your spaces.

The correct fit

Not all windows or window areas are the same size, by engaging with Heritage Blinds and Shutters, you can rest assured knowing that your new blinds or curtains will fit the space perfectly. Finding a company who will come out and provide an obligation free, in house measurement and quotes in the comfort of your own property is the best way to get the results you deserve. Our team can even help you figure out what type of fitting will work best for your home’s aesthetic.

Better fit = more energy efficient

These days who doesn’t want to save money on their energy bills and have a comfortable interior? The biggest benefit of having custom window coverings is that a perfect fit means less cold, heat, and sunlight will enter the property if that’s what you’re after. You can also have blackout, light filtering, or solar shades to not only increase your privacy but also increase the amount of heat that’s blocked out, an invaluable feature in any home in warm climates like Australia.

Quality control

With decades of experience under our belts, we are leaders in providing and installing all varieties of window coverings and take great pride in the quality of products and services provided. Custom blinds, curtains, and shutters tend to be more durable and last longer than bulk options. Our manufacturers offer the highest quality of materials, hardiest wood grain, and most durable of fabrics available. The expert advice and interior decorating ideas and products we provide, only further complement our primary service.

Expert service and support

We all know that one DIY friend/family member who wants to do everything themselves and usually does a great job, but when something inevitably goes wrong, who can they turn to? By working with an experienced team, you not only have access to their years of experience and knowledge, but you’ll also be able to call them up if anything goes wrong and you need help fixing one of your window treatments.

How do I decide which window coverings are right for me?

Honestly, deciding is the easiest part. You can spend hours researching online to find a solution that you THINK might work for your windows, then go to the store (or order online) and buy it… then to have it arrive and not be the right colour, fit, or style you really wanted. OR you can call the team at Heritage Blinds and Shutters who will come to your property and provide an obligation free, in-house measure and quote. Our team will also come and install your new window treatments to make sure they are done correctly and that everything works the way that it should. Contact us today on (02) 4958 4336 or come into our office at 197 Main Road, Speers Point NSW 2284.