Benefits of Having Shutters in Winter

Winter shutters are window treatments you didn’t know you needed.

The winter season can be unnervingly freezing if a house has no heating system or is poorly insulated. The average temperature in New South Wales falls to as low as seven degrees centigrade during winter. The effect of cold winds from the Antarctic blowing cold winds north can make the chill factor make it feel much colder.

Did you know, 30% of the heating energy gets lost through windows? That means the heating system works twice as hard to generate heat. It translates to a high energy cost, which may drain the household budget. Keeping warm isn’t just about skipping the heating system though. Homeowners should look for ways to keep the energy at a minimal cost. A well-fitted window treatment is a practical solution to keep your house fully insulated and energy-efficient. It may also help keep the energy bills at a minimum.

There are various window treatments available in the market. But when it comes to addressing the cold front, nothing beats a well-fitted shutter on reduced heat loss in your home.

10 Benefits of Having Shutters in Winter

One of the benefits of having shutters in winter is their thermal performance. For example, interior shutters trap the cold air between your window and the shutters and retain heat to keep you warm and comfortable inside your house. Read on to find out why you need to install shutters in winter. Here are the advantages of using shutters in the cold season.

Reduce Heat Loss

Nothing beats a well-fitted shutter to reduce heat loss in your home. The structure fits snugly against the window frame. It prevents the ambient heat from escaping thru your window sills. It also prevents cold air from entering your house. A reduced heat loss is synonymous with energy efficiency. It keeps you warm and comfortable too.

Save Money on Electricity

Air conditioning and heating system are the most expensive electricity users. These appliances eat up approximately 47% of energy consumption. The number of hours combined with kilowatt usage made up the amount reflected in the electricity bill.

Shutters keep your house well-insulated, so you don’t need to turn on the heating system more frequently during winter. An ultimate result of a reduced heat loss is a minimal cost of monthly electricity. It saves a lot of money and is beneficial for the environment too!

Convenient and Easy to Use

Who doesn’t want convenience? A motor-driven shutter lets you operate at the press of a button. A more convenient way is opening and closing the shutters via remote control. The elderly, as well as the physically-challenge, will love this feature.

Maintenance and Durability

Maintaining the shutters has never been easy. You may clean the shutters using a vacuum cleaner or clothing material to wipe down dust and allergens. The sturdy materials that make up the shutters are reliable in protecting your home against harsh elements and inclement weather.


Shutters keep unwanted eyes off from taking a sneak peek at your window. It can be fully closed for privacy or slightly slanted downwards to let light into the room. It is also a convenient way of shutting off noise outside your house, especially if your neighbour’s sound system is on full blast.

Child and pet safety

Unlike other window treatments, shutters have no dangled ropes to operate. Your curious tiny tots are safe from strangulation or untoward incident. The same goes for your beloved pets, too.

Light control

If your bedroom window faces east, the sun’s rays may wake you from a deep slumber. Shutters let you control the natural light that enters the room so you can get a well-deserved rest.

Aesthetic Appeal

The exterior shutters define the shape of your windows and add a curb appeal. It provides a focal point to the window. Some homeowners combine exterior shutters with soft and flowing curtains or attractive blinds. It prevents intrusion of privacy without losing the aesthetic appeal of your home.

Security and Protection

Along with privacy comes security and protection. Installing shutters keep preying eyes off your home. Your property will not fall easy prey to thieves and burglars. The knowledgeable ones will know that cracking thru shutters is not easy. The noise and time delay in opening the shutters provide additional layers of protection.

Property Value

The beauty of installing shutters in your home lies in the increased investment value of your property. Its aesthetic and functional appeal in shutters is like two peas in a pod. The timeless and elegant look adds style, prestige, and value to your home. It conveys to future buyers that your property is worth the price.

Why Shutters are the best window dressing treatment for winter

Windows are the primary source of heat loss during winter. It is easy for cold air to enter the room and heat to escape the windows if there are no protective barriers. Installing energy-efficient shutters offers the best solution to insulate your home without putting a dent in your wallet. The design and structure of the plantation and rolling shutters are such that they shield your home from the elements of cold weather. Wood is the best material to use in shutters, as it can withstand heat and provides a solid knock-out against the freezing temperature.

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