Somfy: motors, automation, controls and smart home solutions

For the ultimate in innovation, Somfy’s intelligent controls can operate your blinds, curtains, awnings or roller shutters without you having to lift a finger. You can quickly and simply make your home more comfortable and secure whilst at the same time reducing consumption and your home’s carbon footprint.

Somfy also offers complete home control solutions. Whether you are seeking simplicity of control or the ultimate in energy management there’s an intelligent solution for you.

Somfy motors are made to the highest standards, from the finest materials. They are specially designed to be completely concealed, which means Somfy motors are out of sight, and you can barely hear them. With Somfy’s smart motorisation solutions you can be sure that life will be made easy!

5 Year Warranty - Somfy Products are synonymous with innovation, excellent quality, safety and durability. Each product is extensively tested to ensure it conforms with national and international standards before it leaves the factory. All Somfy motors, controls and sensors carry a 5 year warranty.


"So lively, so Somfy!"

Why?  Because of Home Motion* by Somfy, you can bring all the openings in your home to life.

* Home Motion: Powering and moving the openings in the house by means of Somfy motors, controls and automatic devices to make life easier, safer, more comfortable... and to save energy.

What are the benefits for me?  With Home Motion by Somfy, your home becomes both safer and more private. You have more living space and it enables you to lower energy consumption.

For example?  You can open all your roller shutters with one click. Tilt your Venetian blinds from your armchair, and take advantage of the sun out on your pation without moving from your lounge chair.

The conclusion? Home Motion by Somfy really makes your life easy!