Pleated Blinds

Pleated blinds combine the soft-fabric appeal of a curtain with the ease of a blind, while almost disappearing from view completely when raised. From sheer fabrics which preserve the view to blockout fabrics for seclusion, all pleated blinds reduce the heat and glare whilst harmonising with the design of the room.

Pleated blinds maintain minimal light gaps around the edges of the blind, helping to reduce glare. Available in many colours and models, pleated blinds can become a striking feature adding mood and character to any room. All manner of shapes and orientation can be accommodated.

At Heritage Blinds we offer Verosol pleated blinds. Verosol are the worlds leading supplier of premium pleated blinds having specialised in pleated blinds for over 50 years, using their patented reflective Silverscreen material that reduces heat and glare. Heritage Blinds are Verosol’s only commercial and retail specialist in the Newcastle, Hunter and Lake Macquarie area.

Verosol’s Silverscreen can cut down thermal transferal dramatically and solar reflectiveness is 82%. The maximum absorbance of heat of just 15% transferred through the blind – needless to say, it is an amazing product! Architects, designers, builders and homeowners can achieve sensational results without the need and extra cost using external shading devices or the use double glazed glass.

Pleated blinds come in a variety of options including Top down Pleats, Duo Pleats and Twin pleats.
They can also be made for very long windows, up to 4 metres wide.

Pleated Blinds - Pleated Blinds